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So, you're a guitarist... What can we do for you?.. Good question!

Caroline® 20w head

Master built to perfection with only the very best parts and components available.


A fresh concept in high end Amplifier building with out the boutique price tag 

Restoration & Repairs

Injecting life and restoring tone while maintaining reliability and performance.

Pedals & Accessories

A range of master built analog effects pedals in conjunction with DWJ


Quality and performance, in the pursuit of perfection.

Based in Liverpool, the inspirational home of rock and roll,
DWJ firmly believe in the science and engineering behind great tone;
we are always developing and evolving our designs to deliver world class product.
Every aspect of the design and implementation process is given the utmost consideration, with close consultation with the end user.

We have proudly provided services to bands such as:
The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Real People, The Hyena Kill, The Coral,
Badly Drawn Boy, Cast and Liam "skin" Tyson, Zutons , Icicle works , Lightning seeds , Rain , Echo and the Bunny Men , The Muffin Men ‘’Denny Walley’’ , Zuzu Starnack.
DWJ brings stunning craftsmanship to a discerning musical clientele.


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Dan Whitelock-Jones

Head of DWJ
The drive, the vision…sometimes tortured engineer!
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Tom Shand

Pedal creator and solid state repair dude.
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Carl James Davies

DWJ’s very own official demonstrator.


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